Monday, May 10, 2010

two other quilts

Here are photos of two of the four quilts I have compelted recently. One is a crib size variation of a Jacob's Ladder quilt that I made for a friend who had a baby recently. Funny thing is I had started making this quilt for her before her son was born and I had no idea what names they had chosen. Guess what they named him - Harvey Jacob. It was meant to be!

The other quilt (another crib size) is a from a pattern I drafted myself from a picture on the front of the technical book 'Perfect Piecing'. The original quilt was called 'scrapaholic' (inside front cover info). I used a pack of charm squares that I had stashed away and didn't really like anymore. There are five different blocks in the pattern. Anyway, it turned out quite nicely I think (yet to be quilted). OOps, looks like the lens of my camera had something on it, the photo's look a little blurred middle left (it's not the quilts!)

There are two other quilts ready to go off to be quilted as well. I will photograph them when they are done and put them up here for my mum and others to see!

I have started my third block of the Civil War Bride quilt, but did not do much sewing on the weekend - too busy planting 200 Truffle trees (Quercus Robur - English Oak to be precise). I am sore all over!!

Bye for now and thanks for looking!
Willowmere Karen

Friday, May 7, 2010

New to all this!

I went to the quilt convention in Melbourne last week, saw the beautiful Civil War Bride Quilt and fell in love. Just had to purchase the pattern and try my hand. I did not intend, at the time, to start on it straight away (in the middle of Jacob's Ladder quilt no 2) but I could not resist. I also purchased a stack of fresh lime, aqua and pink fabrics (among others) at the convention and I decided to experiment with a bit of a different look for 'The Bride'. I am a new quilter and I have never tried applique before. I am also impatient. Therefore, I am using the raw edge applique technique. Is that really bad? I feel like I am cheating after reading so many of your blogs! Anyway, I am happy with the results so far and find the experience quite exciting. I can only imagine how rewarding it must be to complete a needle turned block!!

Willowmere is the name of my property (200 acres just outside Canberra, Australia). We are so lucky to live in a country position only 30 mins away from the city centre!

Thought I might share a photo or two of my progress to date!

Willowmere Karen.